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环保英语篇(一):保护环境的英语作文 Protect the Environment(保护环境)

We want to hold a green Olympic Games ,so everyone should do something useful to protect the environment ,whether it is big or small.

We should do something to stop people from doing bad things to the environment .We should put rubbish into dustbins instead of throwing it about. Everyone must care for flowers ,grass and tress in public .We shound collect things like paper ,plastic bags our neighborhood as well ,it’s necessary to plant more trees every year.

It is everyone’s duty to make our neighborhood much better with our hands minds .Let’s make a contribution to protecting the environment and the Plympic Games successfully.

环保英语篇(二):英语环保作文 Protection of the Environment(保护环境)

Over 70% of the Earth’s surface is water; water is obviously the most precious natural resource that exists on our planet. Without water, life on Earth would be non-existent.

Water is the lifeblood of the environment, essential to the survival of all living things-plants, animals, and human. Although we recognize this fact, we disregard it by polluting our rivers, lakes, and streams. Afterward, we are slowly but surely harming our planet to the point where organisms are dying at a very alarming rate, and our drinking water has become greatly affected. In order to fight against water pollution, we must understand the problems and become part of the solution; we also need to do everything possible to maintain its quality for today and the future.The government alone cannot solve the entire problem; it’s up to us when it comes to the problems we face with our water. In your home, correctly dispose dangerous household products. Keep paints, used oil, cleaning solvents, pool chemicals, and other dangerous household chemicals out of drains, sinks, and toilets because many of these products contain harmful substances. In your yard, recycle used motor oil. Avoid pouring waste oil and resist the temptation to dump wastes onto the ground.These are just a few of the many ways in which we, as human have the ability to combat water pollution.

If these measures are not taken and water pollution continues, life on Earth will suffer severely.